With blessings for Eid Al Fitr, EZVIZ Introduces H9c Dual-Lens Smart Pan-and-Tilt Camera for Comprehensive Outdoor Security in the Middle East

by Ajay Rajguru

MENA Newswire: April 6th, 2024 – Middle East: As Ramadan draws to a close, EZVIZ Middle East extends warm wishes to its users by embracing the spirit of reflection, generosity, care and protection during this holy month. As part of the company’s commitment to bring peace of mind to all families and help take care of their loved ones, EZVIZ recently unveiled its groundbreaking H9c Dual-Lens Camera series, setting a new standard for all-round outdoor security.

“At EZVIZ Middle East, we bridge globally recognized high technology with local demands and preferences, so as to provide truly tailored solutions to our users in a thoughtful way,” said Albert, regional sales director of EZVIZ Middle East. “The H9c Dual series are our latest advancement that reflects our mission to redefine smart protection in an easy way. It offers unparalleled vision, unprecedented functionality and unmatched flexibility to safeguard most people’s homes, as well as their businesses.”

Each of the H9c Dual cameras combines a pan-and-tilt panoramic lens with a fixed 180-degree wide-angle lens, offering comprehensive coverage and better performance than two ordinary cameras. With options in 2K and 3K resolutions, these cameras provide crystal-clear images and videos, ensuring every detail is captured with true-to-life precision.

Powered by EZVIZ’s distinctive co-action function, the dual lenses work collaboratively to detect and track activities seamlessly. Whether it’s monitoring large property areas or focusing on intricate close-ups, the H9c Dual series ensures that far fewer blind spots go unnoticed.

With built-in AI chips, the H9c Dual series can detect people and vehicles in customizable zones, keeping users informed of crucial activities. Additionally, users can set up to four patrol spots for automatic rotations, providing hands-free security.

Equipped with powerful LEDs, the H9c Dual series offers color night vision up to 40 meters, ensuring clear visibility even in low-light conditions. Moreover, the cameras feature a loud siren and dazzling flashlight to deter potential trespassers effectively.

Managing and controlling the H9c Dual series is effortless with the user-friendly EZVIZ App. Users can also enjoy seamless integration with prevailing voice assistants and the larger EZVIZ ecosystem for added convenience.

“As we bid farewell to Ramadan, we sincerely wish everyone a blessed and peaceful Eid Al Fitr. May this joyous occasion bring everyone closer to their loved ones, just as EZVIZ has been doing with our products and services, and mark the beginning of a prosperous journey ahead,” said Albert

The H9c Dual cameras will be available on CCTV market in middle east next month. For more information, please visit www.ezviz.com or join EZVIZ Middle East on @EZVIZ_MENA, to celebrate the festive week by sharing an EZVIZ moment.

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