About Us

AI-powered engine
Newszy is an AI-powered content syndication engine for time-sensitive press releases. Digital technologies have transformed how individuals and businesses access and consume information online. The way technology fetches, indexes, analyzes, and delivers information online has evolved. Just a few minutes can now mean the difference between fame and oblivion.
information flow
Clearly, instant information flow has a significant impact on online representation and communication within the public relations industry. Since instant information availability is of paramount importance for businesses and web users alike, this is an indispensable step. By using Newszy, press releases can be distributed over the internet in a timely manner.
Content distribution hub
The Newszy content distribution hub is designed to significantly enhance the press release distribution industry by offering businesses of all sizes affordable and effective distribution services. By using Newszy, clients are able to distribute their press releases online and reach bloggers and search engines.
Multilingual platform
Newszy is a rapidly expanding network for distributing news. The Newszy platform connects more than 1,500+ news websites, including Google news approved sites. This provides clients with a powerful voice in the media marketplace of the MENA, Africa, and Asia regions. The Newszy platform supports the distribution of content in Arabic, English, French, Hebrew, Hindi, Pashto, and Urdu. Programmers are currently working on the seamless integration of other languages and six more languages will be added by the end of 2023.
Diverse network
It is Newszy's standardized pricing model that radically overhauls the newswire industry. This platform offers PR agencies and clients’ access to a geographically diverse network of news outlets, and websites without imposing word counts, limitations or charges on multimedia. Newszy is an innovative and client-centric news outreach solution geared to support clients, PR and investor relations professionals.

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