Thumbay University Hospital to Launch ‘Thumbay Advanced Cancer Center’ In Ajman

by Ajay Rajguru

MENA Newswire: February 12, 2024: In response to a growing demand for cancer screenings and treatment in the northern emirates, Thumbay University Hospital will be launching its fully-equipped cancer center at Thumbay Medicity in Al Jurf, Ajman-which shall be operational by end of February 2024. This new facility aims to provide highly specialized and affordable cancer care, focusing on multidisciplinary treatment. It is capable of accommodating all types of insurance, including those in lower segments.

An MoU between Thumbay Healthcare and Advanced Care Oncology Center was signed on February 8, 2024, to leverage the latter’s expertise in delivering best-in-class treatment. Initially, the center will concentrate on medical and surgical oncology.

The MoU signing was led by Akbar Moideen Thumbay, Vice President of Thumbay Healthcare, and Bashir Reslan, Executive Director of Advanced Care Oncology Center in the presence of Dr. Thumbay Moideen, founder president, Thumbay Group. Akbar Moideen Thumbay emphasized the significance of early cancer detection for optimal treatment outcomes and stressed the need for technological advancements and awareness about cost-effective treatment options. “With the launch of the Thumbay Advanced Cancer Center, the hospital is enhancing its capability to provide specialized care to the UAE residents, complementing existing specialties,” stated Akbar Moideen Thumbay.

As part of the collaboration, patients will have access to PET CT scans and radiotherapies, representing a significant advancement in cancer care. Additionally, the center will offer specialized breast clinics and breast oncology surgery services, ensuring comprehensive and tailored treatment options for individuals facing breast cancer and other related conditions.

In addition, Bashir Reslan, Executive Director of Advanced Care Oncology Center, said, “The collaboration between Thumbay Healthcare and Advanced Care Oncology Center assists in our collective mission to revolutionize cancer care in the UAE. Through this partnership, we are dedicated to providing patients with access to world-class treatments and comprehensive support, ultimately striving to improve outcomes and enhance the quality of life for those battling cancer.”

This Center is backed by the Thumbay Research Institute for Precision Medicine (TRIPM) which brings together scientists, academics, and doctors for innovative cancer research. Encouraging scientific excellence, healthcare enhancement, and industrial partnerships, TRIPM endeavors to excel in cancer research and diagnostics, providing tailored treatment plans to mitigate the impact of these alarming trends.

Thumbay Healthcare aims to introduce a multidisciplinary approach to address this challenge effectively. Thumbay Advanced Cancer Center will offer comprehensive treatment for various cancers, including breast, lung, liver, colorectal, stomach, prostate, brain and others. The center will provide a wide range of treatments, from hormonal and immunotherapy to chemotherapy. This will also lead to the introduction of several training programs for technicians, nurses, and health professionals in the field of cancer treatment.

Thumbay Medicity is a multifaceted hub for medical education, healthcare, and research. It encompasses a wide range of facilities, including Gulf Medical University, Thumbay Labs, Thumbay Pharmacy, Blends & Brews Coffee Shoppe, Body & Soul Health Club and Spa, Thumbay Food Court, Thumbay Housing Project, a theater, Center for Advanced Simulation in Healthcare (CASH), Thumbay Research Institute for Precision Medicine (TRIPM), Central Library, Research Center, Free Parking, etc.

Additionally, it houses Thumbay Dental Hospital, Thumbay Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Hospital and a 350-bed academic hospital, Thumbay University Hospital. These specialized hospitals are integral parts of the Gulf Medical University Academic Health System (GMUAHS).

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