XCMG Machinery Commits to Enhancing Africa’s Development in Public Welfare and Talent Upskilling

XCMG Initiates Phase-IV of Africa Water Cellar Project, Providing 40 Farmer Households Who Suffer from Severe Drought in Ethiopia

XCMG Co-works with AVIC International Holding Corporation to Support Local Technical Talent Development, Offering 12 Majors to Train 3,000 Full-Time Students and 3,600 Short-Term Students Every Year

AMHARA, EthiopiaAug. 31, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — XCMG Machinery (“XCMG”, SHE:000425) kick starts the fourth phase of its Africa Water Cellar Project (the “Project”) in Minjar Shenkora District in the Amhara Region of Ethiopia, which will build 40 water cellars above ground for 40 farmer households that are influenced by the severe drought, providing them with access to clean water for both drinking and irrigation.

The Project, aligns with SDG Goal 6 of ensuring safe drinking water and sanitation for all and benefiting more people in need, is part of XCMG’s “Help with Love” global public welfare campaign. It’s jointly launched with the China Foundation for Rural Development (CFRD). Since 2016, the Project has built 121 family water cellars in Ethiopia that are benefiting 9,719 people.

Committed to taking on social responsibilities and driving sustainable development across the scopes of global infrastructure support, promoting local employment, disaster and crisis rescue and reconstruction, and education and wellbeing, XCMG is actively engaging in the protection of rights and interests, environmental conservation, public welfare, targeted poverty alleviation, and more to build a better future for all.

In Gabon, as a key strategic partner of AVIC International Holding Corporation (AVIC INTL), XCMG offers 12 majors to train 3,000 full-time students and 3,600 short-term students every year. XCMG Technician College is fully engaged in setting up the curriculum, internship workstations, faculty development, and more to promote the skill and career development of local technical talents.

With comprehensive competencies in teaching, professional development, and enterprise practice, the teachers from the XCMG Technician College have pioneered a model of construction machinery technician education and delivered training materials based on practical applications and thorough study of the operation, maintenance, and repair technologies of 22 products and nine models. The training materials have been translated into French and are in use at the training centers.

In addition, XCMG’s Global Operator Excellence Program has completed eight terms of service training overseas that have supported nearly 200 people in 19 countries to upskilling the global construction talents.

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