TK Elevator starts new era of connected elevators and escalators

  • TK Elevator’s escalators and elevators are becoming smarter and more connected as the company launches Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)
  • These open interfaces connect elevators, buildings, and residents – allowing operators to automate certain processes and users to control elevators via mobile app
  • APIs are built upon the company’s cloud-based IoT solution MAX

MENA Newswire: TK Elevator, one of the global innovation and market leaders in the elevator industry, has expanded its broad digital portfolio, starting a new era of smart mobility solutions. As the company launches Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), elevators and escalators from TK Elevator can be networked with various customer systems, connecting smart buildings and their users.

TK Elevator starts new era of connected elevators and escalators

A wide variety of customers benefit from these open interfaces and use them tailored to their individual needs. Building operators and managers for example, can leverage the full power of APIs to integrate elevator and escalator data into existing building management systems to receive direct information on the operating status of their elevators and escalators. Another API enables passengers to call and control an elevator via smartphone app. APIs open up unimagined perspectives: Even cleaning and service robots in hotels can be connected to elevators via APIs, enabling them to move autonomously through buildings. Smart elevators therefore not only improve the flow of people, but also make building operation more efficient.

“As we add open interfaces to our digital product portfolio, we are taking our mobility solutions to the next level. Connected elevators and escalators ensure greater comfort and efficiency than ever, and act as a pivotal building block in shaping smart buildings and creating better cities to live,” says Hyun-Shin Cho, Head of Digital Transformation at TK Elevator.

All APIs are available at the new TK Elevator Developer Portal. They can be used with all units that are connected to the cloud-based IoT solution MAX, which is currently available in 14 countries: USA, Canada, Brazil, France, Spain, Germany, Australia, Korea, China including Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, India, United Arab Emirates, and Qatar.

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