Philippe Ghanem, Founder and CEO of SquaredFinancial Group, calls on global talents to shape the future of online trading

– Expanding around the world, requiring more dynamic talents

LUXEMBOURGSept. 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Founder and CEO of SquaredFinancial Group Philippe Ghanem, a 20-year veteran in the financial industry, has issued an inspiring call for talents to join his leading company, highlighting the vital role of talents in driving the success of any firm.

As the Group is embarking on an exciting phase of expansion in the four corners of the world, the call for talent takes centre stage. Philippe Ghanem firmly believes that people are the cornerstone of any successful enterprise, catalysing growth and steering innovation. The current team, comprised of industry experts and professionals, has laid the groundwork for a revolutionary path, and now the company seeks to bolster this remarkable foundation with more forward-thinking minds.

SquaredFinancial Group’s outstanding journey in financial technology since 2005 has been marked by innovation and a strong commitment to delivering quality service to investors around the world. With a determined vision, the company, its management and its team have been staying ahead of the curve with cutting-edge technology.

By responding to this call, candidates are presented with an unparalleled opportunity to work alongside professionals. Philippe Ghanem’s visionary approach, combined with the company’s technological and financial expertise, paves the way for a future that redefines online trading.

Philippe Ghanem, Founder of Squared Financial, proudly states: “Our success story is underscored by our dedication and commitment to embrace boundless opportunities and challenges. Today, we are ever-expanding, and my call is clear: join the SquaredFinancial family to further broaden the scope of our business and extend our expertise to investors of different backgrounds.”

Prospective talents are encouraged to explore this golden opportunity and take their career to new heights by joining SquaredFinancial team. They are invited to visit the company’s website at

About SquaredFinancial

SquaredFinancial Group is a well-established well-capitalized FinTech firm founded in 2005. It aims at becoming a one-stop shop that meets investors’ financial needs. With around two decades of experience in financial technology and trading, it offers global solutions to traders of different generations and backgrounds, who are looking for an intuitive and sophisticated investment gateway. As a regulated firm, it provides investors with an online platform backed by cutting-edge technology that offers the opportunity to trade all kinds of markets.


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