Huawei Releases the White Paper on Architecture for Intelligent Transformation of Public Services

SHANGHAISept. 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — At HUAWEI CONNECT 2023, Huawei held a thought-provoking summit themed “Accelerating Intelligent Transformation of Public Services to Drive Cognitive Society”. At the event, Huawei released the White Paper on Architecture for Intelligent Transformation of Public Services, and global public services pioneers shed light on intelligent transformation trends and implementation directions, to make public services more inclusive and well-targeted.

At the summit, Xia Zun, President of Huawei’s Global Public Sector, noted: “Intelligence enables public sector to better serve more people. In a Human-Centric society that requires shared value, closer collaboration and cooperation are required to rebuild digital infrastructure and to revitalize digital ecosphere for accelerating the intelligent transformation of public services.”

The White Paper on Architecture for Intelligent Transformation of Public Services released. Hong-Eng Koh, Chief Scientist of Huawei Global Public Sector, noted: the Architecture for Intelligent Transformation of Public Services consists of Intelligent Sensing, Intelligent Connectivity, Intelligent Foundation, Intelligent platforms, AI Large Models, and Intelligent Applications. We aim for inclusive public services and intelligent governance by making efforts to optimize the “Humanization” of public services, promote the “Breadth” of co-creation, improve the “Precision” of governance, increase the “Speed” of emergency response, enhance the “Strength” of infrastructure, and increase the “Density” of situational awareness.

Huawei intelligent transformation of public services focuses on four scenarios:

Intelligent education: The intelligent transformation brings about education that knows no boundaries and provides proactive and intelligent teaching services, extending school education from a classroom-bound experience to learning at anytime, anywhere.

Intelligent healthcare: The intelligent transformation redefines the healthcare management and service modes and helps build a people-oriented efficient healthcare service system with optimal user experience.

AI for Government and Public Services (AI4G): Huawei AI4G enables the innovation and transformation of public services, social production, and people’s livelihood for better governance, living, and economy.

Digitalization of public services: National digital infrastructure consisting of a cloud and a network will be built up to support digital transformation of public services. By connecting public utilities and government agencies in a wide range of cities, this infrastructure provides innovative e-government, education, and healthcare services, in both urban and remote rural areas. This will help make public services more inclusive and fair.


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