Huawei Cloud: Leading Cloud Native to Advance Global Smart Finance

SHANGHAIJune 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — At the Huawei Intelligent Finance Summit 2023, Huawei Cloud held a summit themed “Leading Cloud Native for Agile and Smart Finance”, where more than 500 guests from world-leading financial institutions and companies exchanged ideas on the innovation trends of cloud native technologies and data-AI convergence and shared their practices.

Huawei Cloud: Leading Cloud Native to Advance Global Smart Finance

Jacqueline Shi, President of Huawei Cloud Global Marketing and Sales Service, and Jason Cao, CEO of Huawei Global Digital Finance, delivered welcome speeches. William Dong, President of Huawei Cloud Marketing, delivered a keynote speech and released two innovative solutions: Financial Container Cloud and Cloud Native GaussDB(DWS).

“We are witnessing an unprecedented speed of digital transformation in the financial industry,” Jacqueline said, “Technologies such as cloud native, data intelligence, and AIGC are not just buzzwords, but innovative solutions changing the financial landscape. They help financial institutions modernize processes, design personalized customer experiences, and build more products and services in a more agile way. I believe the destination of digital transformation is very clear, but the approach is full of challenges. We hope in the financial industry, both of us can work together to make impossible possible.”

Jason stated, “We share with you our roadmap, our plans on technology. We want you to see the determination of Huawei, how we will dive deeper in developing technology, dive deeper in the financial industry. We think it’s time for the cloud, also for AI. We need change. And Huawei is determined, committed to supporting all of you to address all of these changes.”

William said that more and more top banks are deploying cloud native, and cloud native is paving the way to digital transformation for the finance industry. Following the Everything as a Service strategy, Huawei Cloud aims to become the cloud foundation and industry enabler for digital transformation. Banks will speed up their pace towards digital transformation and smart finance from three aspects: resilient infrastructure, modernized financial applications, and financial data-AI convergence.

First, resilient, all-in-cloud infrastructure. On the basis of security, stability, and reliability, resources on Huawei Cloud are highly scalable and elastic for financial institutions to use them on demand.

Second, modernized financial applicationsHuawei Cloud aims to help financial institutions meet ever-changing demands, roll out new services faster, and ensure software quality and stability.

Third, a financial decision-making and analysis platform built on data-AI convergence. This platform is key to developing personalized and intelligent services, and allows financial institutions to predict and control risks more accurately.

At this summit, Huawei Cloud officially released the Financial Container Cloud and Cloud Native GaussDB(DWS). The Financial Container Cloud underpinned by Huawei Cloud Stack, the Financial Container Cloud is deployed in customers’ on-premises data centers. It has four features: high performance, high scalability & security, high maintainability and good openness and compatibility. Huawei Cloud also upgrades its GaussDB(DWS), an all-scenario cloud data warehouse, to a serverless architecture with multiple industry-leading features.

Justin Chen, CTO of Bank Neo Commerce (BNC), the largest digital bank in Indonesia, shared his thoughts on building a digital bank with Huawei Cloud. He said that the company’s digital bank services are fully backed by the elastic cloud resources. Their product iteration and rollout become faster, from months to days, and a more agile product portfolio allows them to meet the changing market needs. Running on Huawei Cloud, BNC witnesses a 10-fold increase in digital banking users to 23 million within nine months, who now enjoy seamless, convenient service experience.

Liu Bo, Deputy Director of the System Department under Data Center of Agricultural Bank of China (ABC), shared how ABC built a “1+4” cloud native platform for both stable and agile services. The one goal is 100% containerization.

Bai Jiong, Senior Data Warehouse Architect of China Merchants Bank (CMB), shared CMB’s practices in exploring data value and driving business growth through cloud data warehouses. They built a hyperscale global financial core data warehouse on GaussDB(DWS) through joint efforts with Huawei, laying a solid foundation for digital CMB.

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