European beef and Michelin-starred chefs from Spain transform UAE’s culinary landscape

by Ajay Rajguru

MENA Newswire: Dubai, UAE, December 2023: Provacuno, the agri-food organization championing the excellence of European beef, is on a mission to revolutionize the culinary landscape of the UAE. With an unwavering focus on elevating Emirati gastronomy, Provacuno aims to introduce the Emirates to the exquisite flavours and quality of European beef from Spain. This initiative aims to enrich local dishes, infusing them with a touch of European sophistication, all while fostering a deep appreciation for the unparalleled taste and quality that European beef from Spain brings to the table.

Europe is producing an unparalleled amount of culinary talent in the United Arab Emirates, which is a blossoming hotbed of gourmet innovation. This expertise blends in perfectly with Provacuno’s ambition to promote European Beef from Spain to the region. Renowned Michelin-starred chefs such as José Andrés, José Pizarro, Dani García, and Paco Morales are spearheading projects to open new restaurants in the UAE (Dubai and Abu Dhabi), by fusing their distinctive cooking techniques with the hearty, regional flavours of Emirati cuisine.

The main aim of the What Wonderful Beef! 2.0 Programme, carried out by Provacuno in the UAE during the last years is to unlock the potential of European beef from Spain in Emirati cuisine. The remarkable quality of this product, raised under strict European Union regulations, promises to enhance the Emirates’ beloved traditional recipes.

José Ramón Godoy, International Director of Provacuno, emphasizes the importance of this culinary venture: “Our goal is to show the local chefs, buyers and customers the versatility of our products, which can be the perfect match to the Emirati culinary traditions. We believe that the UAE is a thriving centre where European beef from Spain can really flourish and enrich the local cuisine like never before”.

Provacuno envisions a culinary journey where European beef from Spain becomes synonymous with Emirati gastronomy. This way, the organization aims to inspire local chefs to showcase the versatility of European beef from Spain in traditional Emirati dishes such as “Al Harees,” “Mandi,” and “Jareesh.” The result will be an exquisite fusion of flavours that elevates these cherished dishes to new heights.

European beef from Spain is renowned for its exceptional quality, produced under the rigorous European Production Model (EPM). This model covers every facet of production, from animal welfare to sustainability and food safety. The result is hormone-free, sustainably reared beef of the highest quality, ensuring food safety and unparalleled dining experiences.

By incorporating European beef into local recipes, chefs can maintain the authenticity of Emirati cuisine while infusing it with a unique European flavour. The outstanding quality and flavour of European beef from Spain promises to make a profound impact on the Emirati culinary scene. In addition, European beef production adheres to halal standards, making it a seamless fit for the UAE market.

As the UAE continues to attract international culinary talent and innovation, Provacuno invites residents and visitors to embark on this gastronomic journey, celebrating the harmonious blend of European expertise and Emirati tradition.

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