Bandenia Challenger Finance and AB Bank, Bangladesh sign MOU to open up new cross-border global trading potential

MENA Newswire: In a landmark financial agreement, Dubai-based Bandenia Challenger Finance, a subsidiary of the Europe-based BCB,  signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Arab Bank (AB) of Bangladesh on October 6, 2022.

Bandenia Challenger Finance and AB Bank, Bangladesh sign MOU to open up new cross-border global trading potential

Imran Qureshi, Managing Director of Bandenia Challenger Finance felicitated Tarique Afzal, President and Managing Director of AB Bank at the MOU signing ceremony

The MOU is significant as it opens up international trade and business potential for Bangladesh’s business community and Non-Resident Bangladesh (NRB) expatriates.

The MOU, signed in Dubai between the two parties on October 6, came into effect immediately.

It will facilitate Bandenia Challenger Finance to offer a bouquet of banking and finance facilities to Non-Resident Bangladeshis (NRB) in Europe and the MENA region.

The MOU is significant as it is the first time AB Bank Bangladesh has opened up commercial and private banking opportunities internationally for NRBs.

A bouquet of business services 

It will permit Bandenia Challenger Finance to arrange trade finance facilities, overdrafts, Letters of Credit, mortgages, and real estate advisory services, providing good ROI for investments and management of assets for NRBs. It will mark an excellent opportunity for NRBs to trade in Dirham instead of Dollar currency.

An Important Bridge  

Commenting on the event, Imran Qureshi, the Managing Director of Bandenia Challenger Finance, said, “Our organization will be the bridge between AB Bank and international Bangladeshi expatriates, allowing them to initiate their trading facilities for Europe and the Middle East using Dirham as the currency. This will accelerate the potential of trade facilities, and we are expecting business volumes over Dh 500 million .”

The agreement will boost Cross-Border  trade 

Tarique Afzal, President and Managing Director of AB Bank, appreciated the signing of the MOU between his organization and Bandenia Challenger Finance. He called it a unique agreement that would permit international trade within the parameters of international best practices.

Afzal said the MOU would not only allow Non-Resident Bangladesh expatriates but also indigenous citizens to initiate cross-border trade in Europe and the Middle East.

“This MOU will help us grow our trade both for import and export within Bangladesh and for those residing outside in the Middle East and Europe. It gives us the confidence to deal with various banks across different geographies on the globe who will provide Letters of Credit and encourage international trade with Bangladesh.”

Enhance Business Opportunities 

He further said that the agreement provided secondary support to the bank and assured enhanced business opportunities.

Afzal added that the MOU would allow their bank to assess all business opportunities. With multiple counterparts and help them grow.  “The MOU stands for the cross-border trust that will help us grow future business. Currently, currency inflation is everywhere, and this MOU will help us subside matters in different economies,” said Afzal.

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